Where am I?

The Phipaw.

Our existence: monetary. Our freedom: priceless.

Welcome to Conflux.

Conflux is a story of two races, one created by the other: Humans and Anthros.

The year is 3667. Humanity has colonised the stars after a long period of suffering and has adapted significantly to life across many planets. Since the Ashen Era, humankind has created a Bubble of inhabited space for itself made up of three Major Nations and several smaller ones, though it’s still insignificant compared to the galaxy at large.

A vaccine exists for most alien diseases across all inhabited worlds. The foundations for skyscrapers can be erected with a swipe of a hand. Volgraphics line city streets, and faster-than-light travel is a relaxing, if fragile, venture.

However, with advancement in technology comes new frontiers.

The creation of another race has sent shockwaves through the status quo.

Anthromorphs are artificial infusions of human and animal genetics. They were created by Troparez Science Industries for the Yanlese military as non-human, bio-engineered soldiers. However, these trans-human hybrids have found their way into many different roles across Yanlyar over the last century, from fight-pit animals to keepsakes for the rich.

The interbubble community has a vast array of views on the issue. Many agree that Anthros are sentient, but some see their value as a commodity. Some nations see them as an antithesis to their faiths, while others would rather worship them.

Regardless, the free anthro diaspora across inhabited space continues without pause. Facilitating the pipeline of anthros out of Yanlyar is the Fera Clan, granting shelter and operating an underground network for them to escape to other nations - all the while their Couriers dash across rooftops and futurescapes, ferrying critical intel off the grid to earn credits covertly.

Tensions are rising. The Yanlese government is beginning to crack down on the Couriers, sponsored by Troparez’s newfound power. All that’s needed is spark to take the fight to Troparez himself.

I’m Rilic!

I drew this!

I’m the author of all you see here! Thank you for joining me on my space-opera-parkour-brutalist-cyberpunk-furry-bait adventure.

The premise for Conflux was conceived by me and my best friend in 2015. Since then, I’ve kept the concept and clung onto it for a while, letting the idea simmer and molding it into various forms to see if I could make something out of it. It has changed a lot since then, and will probably continue to change over time. If you come back and all the lore has changed, don’t be surprised!


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